Friday, November 14, 2014

Review: Beauty Talk Double Cleansing Gel

I received this baby from HiShop and I think I've found it. I found my Holy Grail Cleanser.

Don't you just hate it when you hop into the shower and realise that:

1. You forgot to remove your makeup.
2. You forgot to put hair removal cream on your legs for the 500th time and you're starting to look like a man.

I don't have a solution for the 2nd scenario except try again next time, but I do have a solution for the 1st: Beauty Talk's Double Cleansing Gel!

I don't usually use makeup, but sunscreen isn't skin care and you have to remove that ish otherwise, it'll clog your pores and you'll have nasty buildup on your skin which will lead to all kinds of problems.

For the sake of demonstration though, I started my shower looking like this:

After using the Beauty Talk Double Cleansing Gel, this is how naked my face was:

To double confirm that all traces of makeup have come off (cos I'm paranoid like that, which is why I hardly use makeup in the first place), I used another makeup remover and tadaa:

Not bad, considering that if you want to use the cleansing gel as a makeup remover, you're supposed to "dispense the gel into dry hands. Massage onto the face in gentle and circular motion until all make-up is completely removed and rinse with water. Repeat steps for heavy make-up."

But even though my face and palms were wet, it took everything clean off, save for some really waterproof mascara (which my eye makeup remover also has problems removing). If you couldn't tell from the picture, I had on foundation, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, mascara and lipstick. So yeah, I think it's one helluva cleanser.

For daily usage, you mix the gel with water and massage it into your face and rinse. Just like any other cleanser. One thing I realised about the cleanser is that it is mild and hydrating enough that I haven't noticed any adverse effects even when I go for a 3rd wash in between waking up and going to bed. I get finicky about washing my face more than twice a day because I'm afraid it would stimulate oil production because most cleansers are quite harsh and strips away your natural oils, causing dry skin, which, equals oil glands working overtime to compensate.

I haven't been using it for long, but so far it's been showing promising results. I haven't noticed any blackheads developing ever since I started it and blackheads run in my family. So it is both shocking and beautiful. The first day using it caused a few tiny red spots though, but they all disappeared after a day and my skin hasn't been breaking out since. I'm quite sold on the cleanser.

On top of it all, it smells like a dream (Johnson's Baby Bath, to be exact). And I love it! I love it! This is it. I am never changing cleansers ever again. And just imagine, this cleanser perfect for me, found me. I spent all my life (since I turned 13) looking. I tried all sorts of different brands with no luck whatsoever but this got sent to me for a review and turned out to be the one. Just goes to show that sometimes the best things in life will fall right into your lap without any effort on your part. Crazy.

Anyway, if you have combination skin like me, and have been struggling to find a cleanser that works for you, definitely give this a try.

Click on any of the pictures in this post or this line of text to get one of your own and to read more about the product - like the ingredients used! And use the coupon code "VEYRONIQA" upon checkout to receive a 15% rebate. :)

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