Tuesday, September 1, 2015

H.I.P Cafe (the Spring, Kuching)

So there's this place in Kuching I haven't been - who am I kidding. I haven't been to a lot of places so I'm gonna be doing a lot more posts like these. Foolish is the one who has never seen his own backyard.

Overcooked and bland - lasagnas are supposed to be flavorful and this one falls short. If you're looking for good lasagna in Kuching, try Bella Italia opposite Four Points, BDC.

Green Formaggi. To be honest, when we saw this, everyone stared at me and asked me what monstrosity did I order. I asked myself the same thing. I was horrified beyond words... But when I had that first slice (since no one else wanted to touch it) I was pretty hooked. Unlike anything I've ever tasted before while not being an overpowering salad. Perfect blend of some kinda sauce (I think it's cheese, my sister in law says it's mayonnaise - maybe it's both!) which I enjoyed. I say, go for it if you're open to new things! If you hate greens, why bother?

Homemade beef burger. I don't know why I have a picture of it here. I didn't have a single bite of it because my brother ate the whole damn thing. He said it's ok, not too bad but nothing mindnumbing. Now I want a burger. Best burger in Kuching? Opposite Swinburne at Simpang Tiga.

We also ordered a salad. Do not order the ceaser salad. It is made of fails.