Thursday, January 28, 2016

Nagoya Restaurant (Batik Hotel, Kuching)

Unlike most people, I'm not a huge fan of Japanese cuisine. Sashimi absolutely puts me off, and the only two dishes I am obsessed with are edamame & ebiko - but I'm always up for trying new things which is how I found myself in the company of 3 other bloggers and Max, the chef.

To start off, he gave us a salad layered with tatami iwashi and drizzled with sesame dressing.

Then came something a bit more familiar, deep fried salmon skin & edamame (not pictured). The only salmon I enjoy is smoked though, with pasta, rocket and lemon.

On to the appetizer, the centerpiece features dried puffer fish which could be lethal when ingested but he promised us it's safe and to be honest, it tastes like bak gua with the texture of cuttlefish. On either sides are pickled cucumber & beets, boiled garlic and seasoned scallops.

This is everyone's favorite, teriyaki chicken! I highly recommend this dish as the chicken is as tender as the skin is perfectly crispy.

Mayonnaise, to me, is the dregs of all ingredients. I absolutely cannot stand the taste unless it's in a sandwich with boiled egg, so I scraped them off the juicy scallops topped with ebiko.

I believe this needs no introduction! Slices of salmon atop rolled rice, and other variations of sushi.

To make sure everyone was nice and full, Max whipped up a plate of unagi fried rice. Eels have an especially fishy smell, but I didn't detect it in the rice and I had seconds although it is a little bland for my tastes.

On to the highlight of the evening, gelato! I had the matcha all to myself, but from left, these are the flavors: Mama Cookies, Peppermint, Oreo, Green Tea, Teh C Peng and Black Sesame.

Thanks to Nagoya Restaurant & Sarawak Bloggers for the dinner!

From left: Garner, Aliey, myself, Max, Jackie (founder of Batik Hotel), Marvin and Mike
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