Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Review: Batik Hotel

Escape into the heart of Kuching!

Upon checking into the hotel, we were welcomed with tuak and batik kuih.

It immediately made me feel more at ease. People who want to feed you can't be bad people, right? I found out later on in the evening that my instincts were right.

You see, aside from being a place for you to rest you head and relax with their home grown spa soaps, Batik Hotel is an experience because of the people. They are more than happy to accommodate your requests, be it a food hunt or an expedition - when we checked in, one of the staff had just spent a day kayaking with their guests!

There are 3 different rooms which boast a unique feature - there's the four poster, the bathtub and I got the balcony which overlooked the courtyard (pictured way above). For a more in depth look at the rooms, click! In the toilet, you'll find an assortment of bath amenities which I did not have the privilege of experiencing cos I fell asleep. But I did get a photo of them!

It is available for purchase, so you don't have to check in to spoil yourself. The next day, I skipped into the conjoining restaurant, grabbed a seat, a menu & some cereal.

I'm a huge fan of ang mo breakfast and if I could I would have the first four but I settled on the spinach omelette. There ain't no better way to start a day than with a healthy meal!

The dining area is a breakfast bar by morning, and a Japanese restaurant at night! More on Nagoya in my next post, meanwhile... Read reviews from other invited bloggers:

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However! If you'd like the Batik Hotel treatment, but by the beach... Check out their sister hotel: BB Bunkers!

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