Friday, January 15, 2016

Tony Roma's (Vivacity, Kuching)

Hello from the other side of 2015! I've become obsessed with Adele's latest song and I'm starting to annoy even myself. Anyway, I got the good luck of landing an invite to Tony Roma's thanks to Sarawak Bloggers!

I've had it once in KL before and I fell in love with the mash. It's made from real potatoes complete with skin and none of that powdered nonsense. It came with a smattering of spring onions (we all know how much I hate that, but even them greens couldn't get in the way of me digging in), mozzarella and beef bacon (Tony Roma's don't serve pork). 

A platter of sides for us to enjoy - corn on a cob with creamy butter, coleslaw - which I totally neglected because of the beautiful mash. 

But I'm getting ahead of myself. 

We met our delightful hosts - Group CEO George, Business Unit Manager Adam and Senior Brand Executive Inga who gave us a tour and a brief history.

Fun fact: There are more Tony Roma's in Malaysian than in Japan and they are planning to expand to Malacca in April! Miri has potential too so if you're hoping to see one there, show them!

Dining area for the smokers :) 
We got a calendar in the door gifts provided by the restaurant and it's unlike any other. 

Here's your excuse to dine there every month! If you want the calendar, you gotta spend above RM100 first, and also, for this month only... There's a Buy 2 Free 1 promo. So that's how you can spend your first hundred. ;)

They have 4 sauces, Original, Smokies, Red Hots and Carolina Honeys. I'm not much of a sauce person. Like, I actually feel that you are defiling your food by squeezing condiments all over it but the Smokies is true to its name. If you like BBQ, it's the closest you get without having to go near a grill because somehow they managed to catch smoke with a bottle.

Asian Salad with Grilled Chicken dressed with sesame, ginger and fried wanton skins!

This is the Onion Loaf. One of their signature sides.

Now, on to the main event!

Time for the Best Ribs in America...

I'm more of a steak kinda gal but these ribs are so tender it makes me want to cheat on sirloin. Nah, that's a lie. I would never cheat on sirloin. But these chunks of meat are so flavorful, it'd be a sin to coat it in any sauces - so don't. Enjoy it as it is!

After that, I chatted for a bit with Adam who takes care of all the branches in Malaysia. Affectionately nicknamed 'godfather' by his employees, it's a no wonder why. Dude is sporting and fun!

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