Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Diet Recipe: Blackpepper & Garlic Beef Balls

I haven't been cooking since coming back from Melbourne. Why would I, when there's delicious food practically a stone's throw away? Ok, realistically, maybe a 2 minute drive. But I noticed significant weight gain so back to the kitchen it is!

The last recipe I ever shared was the Portobello Mushroom Burgers but if you followed me on IG, you'd have seen the video for this.

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Garlic (Raw/Fried - I used whatever I had laying around)
Ground Beef 
Cayenne Pepper (Optional) 

1. Add salt, pepper & garlic to the beef, mix well and add some cayenne pepper if you like your food spicy. 
2. Ball the beef up and chuck them all into your non-stick frying pan. Do not use oil if you want to keep your calories low, but if you can't be bothered about fitting into your tightest pair of jeans, go right on ahead. 
3. Transfer everything onto a plate and garnish according to your liking! 

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