Monday, May 9, 2016

Review: neubodi

You're beautiful. It is the concept of neubodi. Everyone has the potential, you just need the right support. This is the store you go to and find your new best friend. Each of their bras are named after a strong female character - empowering you from within!

Each of the sales girls are very well trained and can find you the right bra with feel and intuition. The first bra picked for me was perfect but I tried on a couple more to learn what works for me, what doesn't and when to wear what. Bras are supposed to complement your outfit so there are bras suited for t-shirts, low necks, etc. It's all very complicated and here I was thinking that the only reason you wear bras is to protect them from the outside world.

While all their bras offer extreme support (comfort really depends on your body & the style), the reason it's not suitable to be a sports bra is because of the fabric and it won't stop your girls from dancing. Sport bras push em up against your chest so there's no bouncy bouncy.

To be honest, the bras take a little getting used to because I like wireless, super soft, no support kinds which turn out to be horrible! It encourages your fats to migrate so what could've been a DD has leaked away to an A. Seriously, the no. 1 culprit for back, arm and armpit fat is: escaped boob. It might sound funny, but fats are like jelly and they can be moulded. Go to your nearest neubodi if you don't believe me and wait to be proven wrong.

But what this really means is that over time, your posture will improve, your boobies will be fuller and firmer (guess what causes sagging: no support) aaand, less jiggly around your arms!

By the way, if you're looking for high-quality, reusable nipple-guards, THIS IS THE PLACE TO GO. I absolutely adore them! Goodbye to strapless bras that fall off or are so tight you can't breathe. These nipple undercovers set girls free and they only retail at RM29.90!

This post is months overdue and I sincerely apologize to the amazing staff over at neubodi - I just couldn't bring myself to blog about it when I wasn't comfortable wearing them but now? I need them otherwise I feel like the fats are slowly inching away from where they are supposed to be.

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