Friday, May 6, 2016


You were named after my favorite dotA character. One that I never use anymore, just like how I would never be able to bring you to the beach ever again or try trekking with you. I've always wanted to, but I kept putting it off because you were supposed to live longer than this. You were entering your golden years - past the crazy but before age crept in.

I remember telling my dad you were a present from a friend who was secretly myself. I picked you out, I paid for you, you were mine.

But people always take their pets for granted and when they are gone, we realize we barely gave them enough while they gave us everything. Thank you for leaving a part of you behind. When I look into his eyes, I see you staring back and while that makes it both harder and easier at the same time, I am thankful.

You are a painful lesson I hope I never forget, one I hope no other owner has to learn through experience: When your dog stops eating, something is wrong and should be sent to the vet immediately. Don't put it off thinking she'll be ok tomorrow because she might not be.

I'll use Storm again, just like how I'm going to see you once more. Till that time comes, have fun with my past and I'll take care of your pup. Bye for now, Stormy.

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