Thursday, August 4, 2016

Review: Suicide Squad

I haven't caught a movie premiere in forever - there just wasn't a movie that caught my attention like this mismatched crew of villains. It's just that I've been waiting forever to see a Harleyquinn brought to life.

But do you remember how Batman v Superman left you wanting? You left the cinema feeling disappointed. Something was missing. This is the same. There's nothing out of the ordinary here, and you were expecting out of this world. A glimpse into the criminally insane and twisted.

Margot Robbie and Jared Leto's Harleyquinn and Joker tried to be straight from the comics but their crazy felt fake AF, their intelligence missing. They are complex, multidimensional characters flattened into 2d. I wanted to love them, so badly. But none of it felt real, it was just too colorful, with no substance. 

The movie lacked conviction. Throughout the entire thing you could feel the director clutching at straws but while the buildup was pretty strong, it fell straight on its face. You know that kid who likes to show off in front of people? Yeah he got you thinking: damn I wish I had half his confidence well BAM! He just tripped on nothing and now he's loosing his game and you wanna look away cos it's too embarrassing to keep watching but it's so horrible even you find yourself hoping he saves himself. He never does. 

At the end you kinda just try to slip away unnoticed and hope he isn't your friend. He isn't the film you were dying to see. Pretend it wasn't all just hype with no form. 

I wouldn't rewatch. I'd give it a H out of HAHAH. H. 

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