Friday, September 30, 2016


for the longest time i tried to be who i was not. seemingly unconcerned with a strong front. but one day i fell into a rabbit hole and i emerged perpetually close to tears. i was never meant to live with steel walls but hanging my heart off my sleeve. i learnt that sadness was a given and i felt it more than anyone. once, i even asked my brother, why couldn't i be more like them? and he answered in a way which allowed me to embrace who i am: understand that we are our own person and i never expect you to be anyone else but yourself.

you try not to be depressed
because when you are
it just means that
they never did a good job

it was one of my many perspectives. i hurt when someone feels my pain so these shoulders they double in weight. it made me hide even more, because to be loved is to destroy. i destroy the very thing i love. and when i try to disappear, there is only one route for me to take. down the same old road and facing the same old demons.

it's easier now that i know i can't help the way i am. happiness exists only in your own head. when i find myself slipping, i haul myself back up. rather than hope for a different environment, filled with steps instead of a slippery slope.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Review: Hello Kitty Cafe (Sunway Pyramid, PJ)

I was in KL last week and went to the girliest, pinkest, mainstream cafe ever! Hi, Hello Kitty. I had such a love for pink that I bought tons of its merchandise when I was younger even though I had no love for the kitty. So when I saw the pastel walls and furniture, I just had to.

They serve coffee and cakes on the ground floor, meals on another. Honestly though, I would never understand why anyone would have a heavily overpriced meal unless it tastes out of this world. It's like slapping Burberry on a char kueh tiaw stall, arranging the food so it looks like a work of art and charging a tremendous amount. But even the drinks and cake didn't come cheap.

RM50+ for the above. If I'm not mistaken, the drinks were RM1X each and the cake was over RM20. 10% off if you've got a Hong Leong Hello Kitty debit card. But it gave me so much trouble, card denied then charged but not, blah blah blah... That we spent well over an hour there after we were done!

But the manager kindly supplied us a special Tiramisu Latte which isn't on the menu, for the inconvenience.

I don't drink coffee so I can't comment on how it tastes like. But the banana smoothie I had was so rich I felt like I was sucking candied molten up a straw. I've had better cakes for a fraction of the price but the edible glitter was so pretty I almost couldn't deal.

Because it would be a sin not to make use of the lighting and instaworthy environment.

This is my gorgeous sister in law, which means she's married to my brother. So you get your perv on elsewhere. She's the most patient person I know because she took roughly 40 pictures till I was satisfied. Behold!

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Saturday, September 10, 2016


enveloped in distant laughter and feeling at ease, only true friendship can offer such solace. i'm lying on a beanbag watching crouching tiger hidden dragon while simutaneously trying to reread mortal instruments as the boys get the bbq fire going. i will join them in a bit for a drink and a few jokes but for now i only want to enjoy every moment of bliss. this is where i have always belonged.

Friday, September 9, 2016

my twin stars

Life is so much more chaotic and fulfilling when you have two dogs.

It is incredibly satisfying to see them learn from each other and play together. Each day, awed by their distinctive personalities.

Cherie is extremely active and can't sit still, not even for a second. Legacy on the other hand is more than happy to pose and look cute.

She likes rough play whereas he will cry to drown out my exclamations. The list is endless but you can follow my babies on instagram @ thepomlady. I promise, it has more action than this space.