Saturday, January 14, 2017

event: OPPO R9s

I got to play with the OPPO R9s yesterday and now I'm pretty much set on upgrading to an OPPO.

Group shot of all the bloggers by Leo Fong of WIXIN Photography
It has everything essential to a photography or filming enthusiast. The picture quality is pretty much dSLR standard and you can manually adjust your settings (shutter speed, aperture & iso!) - something my current phone lacks. It boasts a f/1.7 16MP rear camera which means, your night shots go:

Images for illustration purposes only!
There's this fascinating function in its camera app called Extra HD that will jack up the 16MP to an insane amount of megapixels! And unlike a certain brand which was exposed for trying to pass off dSLR shots as pictures taken with their product, I'll let these photos speak for me.

There was a demonstration by Kim Teoh on its filming capabilities and even without a gimbal or any stabilizing hardware, the video was incredibly smooth. I tried it for myself and its anti shake really helps with the jerky movements most phones and even cameras tend to produce.

The current model has Beautify 4.0 which will give you your perfect skin. Fairer or rosier, all at the tap of a finger. The front facing camera is a f/2 16MP. I took a few shots with the wide angle lens I found in their door gift bag but the images came out kinda blurry and unfortunately, I don't have a picture without the lens so I can't show you how amazing it really is but here are a few more shots from the demo set they lent us for the event.

Mike - Eve - Kim - Priscilla
This is actually a great phone for your parents because they can clone phones. As in you can transfer everything from the old phone to the new by just syncing the two. And if what really gets you going it knowing how fast it is: charging for just 5 mins gives you 2 hours talk time, 0.06 seconds to take a picture and 0.2 seconds to unlock your phone with fingerprint verification.

Oh! You can also set each fingerprint for a different app. So thumb for instagram, index for spotify? No problemo. If you want this phone, you should head over to their website and preorder it right now and you might get to meet Minchen at Vivacity Megamall tomorrow!

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