Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Review: Resident Evil - The Final Chapter

I got to catch an early screening of Resident Evil thanks to GSC and obviously those buggers at hitz (MUCHO LOVE & GRACIAS).

So what can I say about this huge blockbuster which I know virtually nothing about except well, ZOMBIES?

I promise, no spoilers.

I'm sure you know what Resident Evil is all about by now so, first of all - Alice? She dumb. For someone who has the fate of humanity in her hands, dude! But we're only human and no matter how perfect we are, there are still stupid mistakes to be made so I think it's fair that sometimes we get little brainfarts. And it's what keeps movies like these from taking themselves too seriously which is a fine line away from cool to cringe.

I think what's always been different about Resident Evil is that it plays like an RPG. Aside for the hi-tech game-y graphics, you're given a little backstory, go on your quest, complete levels that get progressively harder till you meet the big boss. It's all very predictable so if you're looking for twists and turns, I'm sorry to say you're barking up the wrong tree. It did make my heart race and twitch in my chair though, but that's probably just cos I can't handle suspense or gore. I've always judged a movie based on whether I want it to "just end already" or "please keep going" and this was a little bit of both because of all that and a need to satisfy my curiosity.

It's safe to say that you should watch it if you need to see some blurry and too-fast-to-track action or if you can't start a story and not end it. But if you're not a movie buff and can't be bothered, why are you even reading this? You know you want to watch it so just go already.

One problem with movie franchises though, is that they have to be better than their predecessors and sometimes there's one that just shines the brightest, so you'll walk away disappointed because when you hold a light up to something so brilliant, it only looks dimmer so put your expectations at the door.

The only other 6 film franchise that managed to stand its own is The Hobbit and Lord of The Rings which, technically speaking, are both trilogies but if the shoe fits... ;) What you can look forward to though, is that it's finally the end... Although you'll probably have even more questions. It's like a bad breakup, no real reason but you're glad it's over. Plus, it's still a shit ton better than Suicide Squad or Batman vs Superman. Blockbombers, the both of them.

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