Thursday, January 19, 2017

Review: 万香生肉面 Wan Xiang Noodles (Icom Square, Kuching)

Even though Sabah is practically our neighbour, there has only been one notable Sheng Rou Mian which was previously at Pending and has now moved to Premier 101. But today's post is about a franchise of the deliciously famous Sabah noodles: Wan Xiang Noodles.

It has been opened in Kuching for about a month now and I've been there thrice without any intention of slowing down because it is THAT good. They should make me their ambassador because I keep bringing new people there. But no worries, even at full house, it should only take you 15-20 mins tops to get a seat, place an order and if you're lucky, get your food because they are fast. Like supersonic fast. Grade A service and speed! BUT! Their chopsticks and cutlery are ALWAYS greasy and oily so be prepared with tissues to give them a nice wipe down. 

The noodles are never overcooked but unfortunately, they lack that same consistency for their pork liver. I love pork liver because my mom used to make me eat tons of it for medical reasons and I've grown a fondness for them and the perfect pork liver is just cooked so it retains that juicy and tender crunch. Overcook it and all you're left with are pointy little triangles that will poke the insides of your mouth.

I did not detect any excessive use of MSG but a few people have mentioned how oily it is. I'm adamant that it's not though so you'll have to go and try it out for yourself. Just a word of warning to those with sensitive Ramsey Gordon tongues, the soya sauce is a little on the bitter side rather than sweet which I think complements it nicely. 

According to their KL counterpart
Weekdays 9am to 9pm
Saturday 8am to 5pm
Sun / Public Holiday 8am to 4pm
Off Day Alternate Monday (Except public holiday)

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