Tuesday, February 14, 2017


hen·peckverb past tense: henpecked; past participle: henpecked 
(of a woman) continually criticize and give orders to (her husband or other male partner).
"henpecked husbands" 
synonyms: browbeaten, downtrodden, bullied, dominated, subjugated, oppressed, intimidated; meek, timid, cringing, long-suffering; informal under someone's thumb
"the prosecution characterized him as a henpecked husband who finally snapped"
antonyms: domineering
When I see a boy or girl bending their girl/boyfriend's will to theirs, my teeth grit, my fists clench and I have to shut my eyes. That is not love.

No self-respecting lady would want have a henpecked man by her side because no self-respecting man would allow himself to be henpecked. Immaturity will make her demand for her man put her needs above his own and choose her over his friends, but as she matures, she'll learn the implications of a whipped guy. It means he is weak, unbecoming and worst of all, undependable. And we're all about security.

If a guy looks like he is too afraid to do anything but listen to his girlfriend like a well trained dog, not only does he make himself look bad - he makes his girl look like some kind of overbearing control freak. Perhaps someone out there might feel it is sweet because that means he cares so much he only thinks about her but, that is incredibly unrealistic and corny. Also, see second paragraph.

Have a spine, your own perspective and be your own person. Love will encompass your flaws, you don't have to hide them under an armor of fear. That is the best part about it. Love. You should be able to show your true colors and be loved just the same. When you are in a relationship, you must also learn to protect one another. Reputation and image reflects off the other.

The opposite is true as well - for a girl to be oppressed by her significant other only shines a negative light on her oppressor. Nobody should ever have control over another human being. So stand up and be brave.

I might be biased, but, aren't we all? Wishing you a happy and hopefully, life-changing Valentines all the way from Tokyo! Follow me on @veyroniqa for more updates :D

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