Thursday, March 23, 2017

extinction = evolution

A colleague of mine once made the unfortunate mistake of asking me what I want to do with my life. It was something I have been asking myself, sometimes I wonder why I chose entertainment when what I wanted at 12 was to become a wildlife veterinarian or a wildlife conservationist. Along the years, I managed to convince myself that a voice would be more efficient. Now I see I should have gone into politics instead. I wanted to make a difference, like many others, I wanted to save the world.

But then I discovered long ago that no matter how much you do, it never matters. Not because I am one in billions, not because my actions don't count, not because I can't make a difference, no.

Change your perception and the world changes with you.

We know that we are killing the earth, it is the only planet we have, so we fight - not for its survival but because ours is dependent on it. But the thing is, it shouldn't be so hard if we truly treasured life. Shouldn't self-preservation come naturally?

I remember going to the Melbourne Zoo and getting up close and personal with their national treasure: koalas. And then I realized that it is one of the most inefficient creatures at surviving (as is many endangered animals) and should have died out years ago because evolution clearly forgot all about them! The plants they eat are poisonous, which is why when they are born, they have to eat their mother's poop in order to obtain the bacteria that breaks down the poison in the only food they can digest. They are a waste of space and resources due to the fact that they are considered cute.

Conservatories of endangered animals stems from the guilt that we are upsetting the natural balance. Animals go extinct every single day with or without us speeding it along so which animals are supposed to go and which aren't?

It's hard to deny that the world is self sustaining. It went from the home of dinosaurs to homo sapiens, despite being rocked with natural disasters both domestic and from outer space. Perhaps because of that. A rock changed the game by killing of the dinosaurs and giving us a chance. And by the time we are done murdering our planet, we would either die or adapt but the world would survive for some other improved species. Maybe that's how it's supposed to be, life comes and goes, and we're the only ones dying to hold on.

Perhaps by fighting for the wrong ones, we are slowing down this chain reaction and holding nature back, forgetting that no species are meant to last, not in a world of constant change.

At least this is what I tell myself when I try to guilt myself into not living my dreams of saving the world. It's pointless either way.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Chinese New Year has come and gone but this time, I have something like a vlog to show for it. So this is how we celebrate a Chinese tradition.

Staying up late and stuffing ourselves silly. The days that used to seem so short are long now, with the first day feeling like the third. We're not as young as we used to be but we try. Ignore the ache in our shoulders, eyes itching for sleep and spirit unwilling to be broken. Yes, we try.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

What Women Want

When I got the invitation from Granary to sip cocktails and chat, all I could think about was, I hope they have mimosas.

Because aren't we taught to want the superfluous and shallow? It's bags before businesses, children not careers, diamonds for your dreams. Get a higher education, excel in an extracurricular, check all the boxes and have a good marriage, for only a lady may have a gentleman.

Personally, I'm not a career type. It's a ladder I have no interest in climbing. I would have been content being the perfect wife or out exploring the world, living wild and free. But women have been trying to liberate one another, fighting under the colors of feminism. They whisper ideas into the heads of other girls: You are more than this! Don't reduce yourself to a shell. The world is as much yours as it belongs to men. 

But sometimes, this is all we ever want.

Not having world-changing ambitions does not make you less of a woman and you don't need power to be confident.

What anyone ever wants is a choice.

Other women might want more, and there's nothing wrong with that. They want to stand beside men and carry the same load? Respect. But shouldn't the same respect be extended to housewives or girls who want nothing more? I have always believed that men are naturally more adept at certain things and women at others.

There is a quote that comes to mind every time someone tells me about rights: Women weren't created to do what men can do, they were created to do what men can't.

At first glance it seems almost to put women on a pedestal, that only these beautiful creatures are able to accomplish what mankind cannot. But flip it around and you realize that it is neither complimentary nor words to live by for the same can be said about men: Men weren't created to do what women can do, they were created to do what women can't. Aside from inciting wrath, just imagine the humiliation stay-at-home dads are forced to feel, or any man who is in a 'feminine' position at work because of what that simple sentence conveys.

Not having world-changing ambitions does not make you less of a man and you don't need power to be confident.

But women, we don't need to carry a 50KG burden when our bodies are more comfortable with 20. If you're going to sprout nonsense about how women should have equal pay and the right to vote, it is not the middle ages anymore. Women are now running for elections and whether you are male or female, as long as you've got what it takes - you will come out on top.

Take this video for instance.

In a time where feminism was unheard of, when women didn't need to hold rallies to exert control. Just be and you are. If you're not going to stand up for yourself, don't wait for someone else to. Feminism is a line blurred between equal opportunities and being opportunistic. Perhaps I am lacking in my understanding of what it stands for, but I see it as an inch for a mile and in a way, being oppressive to the very gender they are trying to free.

I guess we'll find out what the rest have to say this weekend at the Granary. And don't be afraid to leave what you feel in the comments. Always happy to hear a different perspective. If you think I'm horribly misinformed please, tell me.